How can i contact you?

When I buy a puzzle, where does the money go?

$10 goes to the physical costs of the puzzles including shipping. $10 goes to the production and maintenance of the project. A minimum of $15 goes to the business or artist represented in the puzzle. If you want, you can donate more money during the checkout process, 100% of that extra money goes directly to the business/artist.

How long will it take to get my puzzle?

Each puzzle is custom made by hand on a weekly basis, it can take 14-20 business days to receive your order.

How is it shipped?

Each puzzle is shipped through regular Canada Post Lettermail, which takes 7-10 business days.

Is this nonprofit or for profit?

This is a non-for-profit project created in response to the struggles that many businesses are facing as a result off COVID-19.

Who is involved in the project?

PieceTogether is a collaboration between Frontier Design and Flash Reproductions.

Why support?

Small businesses and artists are suffering right now. With often very limited ways to make money, PieceTogether is an attempt to help these businesses and artists foster their community and provide something for them to do while also providing them with a form of financial support.

What am i getting?

You get a 300 piece 13.75” x 19” puzzle recommended for ages 8+. You also get a sleeve with the puzzle image printed on it that can be folded to stand upright as a visual reference as you make the puzzle. And you get the satisfaction of doing your part to help local businesses and artists.

I'm a business/artist. How will you use my information?

We will use your information to make sure all proceeds from the sale of your puzzles go to you.

I'm a business/artist. What should my puzzle image be?

The more detailed the image, the better. The best puzzles will be images with lots of variety and detail. Avoid images with large areas covered by a single colour.