Bareket Kezwer

A unique Bareket Kezwer puzzle.
Ages 8+.
300 pieces.
13.75" x 19".
Minimum price: $35.00.
Hand made to order. Shipping to Canada included via Canada Post Lettermail.

Suggested price: $35.00

Minimum price: $35.00

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About Bareket Kezwer

Bareket Kezwer is a Toronto-based muralist, community engaged artist, curator, designer and eternal optimist. Her work is motivated by a desire to spread joy, cultivate gratitude, and support the growth of inclusive and connected communities. She partners with community organizations including Arts Etobicoke, Baycrest Health Sciences, East End Arts, and The STEPS Initiative to program and facilitate projects that build bridges between and empower people through creative engagement and increase representation of Toronto’s diverse population. In her murals, she works with bright colours and bold patterns to captivate people’s attention and fill them with delight. She is passionate about creating art that brightens environments and elevates moods. This is what inspired her to start her ongoing SMILE project—since 2007 she has created SMILEs all over the world including in Australia, Canada, Cuba, Germany, India, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, Singapore, Spain, The Netherlands, USA, and Vietnam. In 2017, she founded Women Paint, a street art jam celebrating the strength, resilience and diverse stories of women and non binary artists and community members. As the initiative’s founder and creative director, she has produced 80 murals by emerging and early career artists and facilitated an intergenerational community mural with residents in Rexdale. She has facilitated two youth mural camps with female and non-binary teens. She’s a founding member of the Neighbourhood Love collective.