Beach Camp Coffee Co.

A unique Beach Camp Coffee Co. puzzle.
Ages 8+.
300 pieces.
13.75" x 19".
Minimum price: $35.00.
Hand made to order. Shipping to Canada included via Canada Post Lettermail.

Suggested price: $35.00

Minimum price: $35.00

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About Beach Camp Coffee Co.

Our roastery started with organic coffee beans fired up in a cast iron skillet over a campfire. Our love of good coffee began much earlier on expeditions taking us across the continent. We go to bed stoked for the next day’s adventure, whether it’s scouting waves, blazing trails or bombing hills. Each morning begins with an excitement to get the first brew going. Like you, we’ve learned that the greatest adventures start with a cup of rich, bold coffee that wakes the bones. At home and settled down in the west coast paradise of Port Renfrew, BC, Beach Camp Coffee Company was born from a passion for that all-important morning cup. Whether you’re out to conquer the Pacific or just a good book on a grey, misty morning, Port Renfrew’s first and only coffee roaster has you covered with fully organic, #TrulyWestCoastCoffee. Wake up and shake the chill out of your jacket. It’s time to get moving.