Julie Williams Fine Art Photography

A unique Julie Williams Fine Art Photography puzzle.
Ages 8+.
300 pieces.
13.75" x 19".
Minimum price: $35.00.
Hand made to order. Shipping to Canada included via Canada Post Lettermail.

Suggested price: $35.00

Minimum price: $35.00

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About Julie Williams Fine Art Photography

Join award winning photographer, Julie Williams on an adventure touring local Canadian hotspots to travels around the globe where she hopes you will experience the different cultures and sights. Julie has been a photographer and visual storyteller for over a decade. She has published her first coffee table photobook which gives behind-the-scenes highlights of the Guinness World Record breaking longest continuous 18-day concert. Any of the images from the concert series may be made into custom puzzles. Much of Julie's inspiration comes from the joy of life - from the day-to-day to the extraordinary. This is a small sampling of Julie's work. Visit www.julie-williams.ca to view her expanded collection. Contact Julie at julianatwilliams@gmail.com or 647.465.3967 for enquiries. Thank you for your support of Canadian artists and small businesses. It is truly appreciated especially during these extra challenging times.